An interview with J.C. Hannigan

I recently got to chat with author J.C. Hannigan about her latest release, RECKLESS ABANDON, the second book in her DAMANGED series. I have to confess that I read RECKLESS ABANDON in one sitting. It was the perfect balance of angst and swoons. The story is going to sweep you up!

1. In a sentence, can you give sum up what RECKLESS ABANDON is about?
Reckless Abandon is about redemption and forgiveness.

2. Grayson has grown a lot since we last saw him in DAMAGED GOODS. What's made him change his ways?
Grayson had never broken anyone's heart before, lest of all someone he truly cared about. I think hurting Everly that way propelled him into making changes in his life, especially when he realized he wasn't any happier without her. 


3. What inspired RECKLESS ABANDON?
A lot of heartbreak inspired this whole series, but mostly my desire to see forgiveness win.   

4. What's your favorite line from RECKLESS ABANDON?
This hurt. It hurt in the most raw and painful way. It hurt because it couldn't be undone. It hurt because it was a part of the past and therefore, a part of the future. It hurt because I had no idea how I was supposed to let go.

5. Is there one song that sums up DAMAGED GOODS? What about RECKLESS ABANDON?
DAMAGED GOODS - No Light, No Light by Florence + The Machine
RECKLESS ABANDON - Photograph by Ed Sheeran

6. What’s your favorite thing about RECKLESS ABANDON?
Grayson's willingness to do whatever it takes, to be whatever she needs. 

7. How did you get started writing?
I've always loved telling stories, it's something I've always done. My friends in elementary school called me The Weaver because I was always telling elaborate stories. I had them fully believing there was a ghost in my barn. ;) 

8. What are you working on now?
I'm working on a new series called The Rebel Series. It take places in a small Northern Ontario town, and features the notorious Miller siblings. The first book is releasing this spring! 

9. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would you chose to be and why?
Exactly where I am, because I love my family. But if I could bring them...somewhere really hot because I'm sick of winter lol.

10. What are your favorite three books of all time?
This is hard...I love so many books equally lol. I guess I'll have to say the first three books in the Harry Potter series. ;) 

11. What do you think makes a good story?
Emotion, truth, and characters that are real and imperfect. 


Order your copy of ‪#‎RecklessAbandon‬ today. Grab it while you can on sale for $1.99 (after release day, it'll go up to the regular price of $2.99).

Everly Daniels has never gotten over Grayson Dixon or what happened between them. Avoiding home for years so she doesn’t have to think about the past and the people in it, Everly isn’t quite sure how to return. But tragedy strikes and she has no choice in the matter.

When Grayson learns Everly has returned home, he knows he has to see her. He has to find out if there is anything that can be salvaged.

However, with so much pain and so many years between them, it seems impossible to work things out. Fate forces them to take a closer look at what they lost, and they both begin to realize that they may be able to pursue a future together with reckless abandon.

Read DAMAGED GOODS (Book 1) for $2.99 or for free on Kindle Unlimited:

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