The Ravensdale family saga

Meet the Ravensdales. This Victorian and Edwardian romance series is a family saga that follows Ravensdale family from 1880s India, Belle Epoque Paris, through England after WWI.

Her ability to think vanished. Her ability to stand crumbled. Her adherence to etiquette burned under the devil’s wicked charms.


Clara Dawson always followed the rules, until one terrifying night when her inheritance is stolen and the man responsible is left for dead. Desperate to outrun her troubles, she accepts a governess position at the crumbling gothic manor of the mysterious Ravensdale family. Caring for three orphaned children gives her a purpose, but her vulgar employer, Bly Ravensdale, holds dangerous secrets that may shatter Clara's newfound safe haven. Yet this stubborn brute compels Clara to abandon her etiquette at every turn, and she can't stay away.

Disowned by his family, Bly Ravensdale travels the globe as an explorer and agent of the British Crown until his brother’s passing leaves him saddled with three young wards. Charged with returning them to the family's vacant ancestral seat in the English countryside—the one place he wishes to avoid at all costs—Bly quits the role of spy to play family man. But a man nicknamed Devil rarely gets a clean start in life, even with the aid of the prudish yet lovely governess, Clara. Despite her cold exterior, Bly finds himself drawn to her, even as an enemy from his deadly past resurfaces seeking vengeance. Can he protect all that he has suddenly come to hold dear?



She has a reputation to ruin…
A wild spirit trapped by Victorian propriety, Minnie Ravensdale runs away from finishing school to pursue her dream of becoming a ballerina. She teams up with charming Irish pickpocket, Alex Marwick, who pretends to be her husband when they rent a room together in an East End brothel. But her new independence is threatened when Alex asks for her help in finding a mysterious society lady. Minnie knows who he seeks, but to offer up the answer would mean sacrificing her freedom and returning to her family a ruined woman.

And he has everything to gain…
Alex must find the mysterious woman who rescued him from a hellish asylum as a young boy. Without her, he is a ghost among the living—no identity except for the one he’s made for himself as pickpocket and card cheat. When he spots Minnie lost in the East End, he decides her social connections are the solution to discovering his true identity. But when she flees without supplying answers, Alex chases. They cause a proper scandal from the streets of London to Belle Époque Paris, as the pauper falls madly in love for the ruined lady.


His thumb brushed the skin under her eyes, his brow pinched as he wiped away the kohl. He stopped short of her lips, igniting the ghosting memory of when he had kissed her those years ago. Two penniless and starving children, seeking each other’s comfort. And that sweet, gentle kiss that had warmed them both.

Summer waltzed through the park’s oak trees, stirring up hope and a certain infallible mortality as only those warm months could. From the edge of the garden, beneath the glowing lanterns of the party, it appeared to Grace as though nothing was about to change. But on a night such as this, that simply wasn’t true.

social graces

Even unrequited love falls under the rules of society...
Since she was first introduced as a child piano prodigy, Lady Grace Ravensdale has been the darling of the London ton. Unlike the rest of the rowdy Ravensdale family, she follows society's rules, acting always as a proper lady should. But Grace harbors a secret that she only shares with the keys of her piano—she's in love with the gardener's son.

And even if it's possible, can it overcome the scars of war?
Growing up at Burton Hall, Theodore Nash was considered one of the Ravensdales—even if his station was so far beneath them. But as he grew, Grace became more than a childhood friend. Knowing he couldn't have her, he leaves to fight in in Boer War to bring honor to his family. Taken as a prisoner of war, everyone Theodore loves thinks he's dead until he returns to London blinded and badly scarred four years later.

Theodore’s return challenges everything Grace has known. Suddenly, her engagement to a titled violinist doesn’t seem so fitting, nor the wedding that’s supposed to rival all weddings that season. With Theodore, Grace is free to be the less than proper lady everyone has come to expect. With all of society against them, can their love survive?

releasing Winter 2017.