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I think I like being your friend, Beckett.”

I almost miss it—the quick dreamy upturn of her lips, the way she narrows her eyes when she realizes we aren’t going to be friends.

I’m glad I don’t.

everly after

All truths burn bright and clear. I’m still waiting in the dark.
Everly Monteith has traded her life of glitter, parties, and self-destruction for waitressing at a Parisian café. She’s put the tragedy that sent her across the Atlantic in the past—until her toxic ex shows up and sends her reeling once more. Her fresh start begins slipping away until a smug British war correspondent crashes her party. But falling for Beckett means letting down her guard, something that might pull them both into the dark.

There are beautiful lies in this world, and it takes me being chased through a hallway at a rave to decide this girl is one of them. But even the most beautiful lies aren’t worth chasing.
Twenty-five-year-old Beckett Reid is forced into sabbatical after being kidnapped on assignment in Afghanistan. Back in Paris, he locks himself away to work on a novel, focused on saving his budding journalism career. But when he meets an enigmatic American heiress, his plans are quickly neglected. Everly is the perfect replacement for dangerous war zones, even if she does leave glitter on everything he owns. Reckless and wild, she runs through life making more mistakes than anyone he’s met, but Beckett is determined to fight for her, even if he must face the messy truth that he must fight for himself first.


winter hearts: a Victorian Christmas novella

All bets are on love this Christmas...
Sabina Bradford grew up touring the Continent with her parents, living a hundred lives as a thief, a fortune teller, and an oracle. Now grown and a nurse at London Hospital in Whitechapel, she's put away her make-believe for a life of caring for the sick--until a misunderstanding ends with her fired and left to the East End streets just weeks before Christmas.

On the verge of being taken away by the police, Sabina is saved in the nick of time by a mysterious and powerful stranger. He asks her to bet it all on a marriage of convenience.

When Julian Ainsworth discovers the beautiful nurse being fired from London Hospital in the alley adjacent to his casino, he takes action. Hedging his bet that she's the solution to his new and unwanted ward, he asks her to be his wife. Content with being married to the management of his casino, he leaves his bride to run his house and care for the child. But what he doesn't see coming is falling in love with Sabina just in time for Christmas.

Sabina has one last role to play, but as she falls for Julian, their marriage feels less and less like one of convenience. Julian has a decision to make: to go all in on a chance at love or lose it all...


Winter Hearts - Cover v2.jpg
A kiss like that, my hands on your body, the way we read like the same story with each touch, are more than flirtations.” He pulled away enough to run the pad of his index finger over the bow of her lips. “I may flatter and compliment you, but when I kiss you, Sabina, know that it is more substantial than simple flirtation.