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Manuscript editing services

With over fifteen years of editing experience, I have an eye for story. If you're looking for an editor who will not only polish and push your prose to be extraordinary, but also strengthen your story into a book readers can't put on, I'd love to work with you. For services listed without rates, please email. Fill out the form for more information, and let's start working with each other today!



Writing is hard, but writing a great story is harder. If your book needs help with pacing, story arcs, and character development, this option is for you. I will send you a complete reader report highlighting what works, what could use work, and suggestions on possible edits. These are big picture edits.


Maybe you're halfway through a story and have hit a wall. It happens to all authors at some point. This a great option to help you get unstuck. I will send you a complete reader report highlighting what works, what could use work, and suggestions on possible edits. These are big picture edits.




There is a unique power in words. A good story can become a great story with detailed line edits. I'll be looking at the 'micro' of your story - searching for repetition, pacing, and more. Your sentences will shine after you choose this option.


You've written your project (congrats!), and now you're ready to share it with the world.


Creative Services

Whether you're an author or a small business looking for a creative extra, I'm here to help. I offer a variety of services including email marketing, content writing, and Search Engine Optimization, all with a quick turnaround. All projects will start with a quick consult to determine the goals of your project. Ready to get started? Let's chat!


Email Newsletter Template

You know the most important part of building your business is all about your email list, but what are you doing with the email addresses you have? Let me help you build an attractive email template that you can use to interact with your clients -- and keep them!

Email Newsletter Marketing

Maybe you need more than a email newsletter template. I'm here to help. After a consultation, I will not only design your newsletter, but provide you with content so all you need to do is hit send and see more business pour in.



Copy writing

Does your website need a verbal facelift? Do you have marketing materials that need to be freshened up? Maybe you have a new project you'd like to start. After a quick consultation, I will prepare engaging and dynamic copy for your and your company. Say goodbye to bland copy!

Content Writing

Content is king. It's the standard in marketing for a reason. Great content not only engages the clients you have, but draws in potential clients as well. Let's get your business growing with original content. Whether it's a blog post or article, I'll deliver content that's expertly researched and written.




If you are looking for a professional editor who not only has an incredible eye for detail but is amazing at polishing your work until it shines, you need to hire Rebecca Paula! Her knowledge and experience in crafting plot arcs, pacing and character development is spot on. You won’t find a more thorough, affordable editor!
— Sybil Bartel, Carina Author of NO APOLOGIES, NEIL, TALON and more
Rebecca Paula worked with me on my book, Secrets in Scarlet, and I definitely believe that the book came out much stronger because of Rebecca’s edits. She has a wonderful skill at pointing out exactly what needs to be fixed in a book - whether it’s a plot element, an inconsistent characterization, or just different word choices - and she’s great at helping you figure out how to correct these elements and make your prose really sing.
— Erica Monroe, USA Bestselling author

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