Hi, I'm Rebecca...


And I love storytelling...

The Irish have a great word for those who preserve the history of their culture and pass along tradition -- seanchaí. I don't remember the exact moment, but at some point in my short life, I adored being told stories. That wasn't enough because I quickly fell into the art of story telling quite accidentally. It's probably the best thing that's happened, and it's all thanks to a fifth grade assignment on HATCHET. And before I truly knew I was in love with writing, I had been in love with it for a while. But that's usually the way love works, right?

That's my beginning - my girlish love of stories. I chased Laura across the prairies, stayed up late writing right along with Jo March, and I dreamed of one day finding a Gilbert Blythe of my own. I'm a hopeless romantic with incurable wanderlust.

As an author, I write smart, emotional contemporary and historical romances, as well as women's fiction, about flawed characters brave enough to live outside the lines and embrace the messy and complicated bits of life and love. Also, there’s kissing.

As a freelance writer, I strive to continue the art of storytelling with my articles and essays. I use language to my advantage and try to provide readers with a slice of life that leaves them engaged and a little more curious about the world around them.

The Bee's Knees Creative

I started The Bee's Knees Creative out of my love for the written word. I've spent over fifteen years now writing and editing at a variety of traditional print markets across New England, including The Boston Globe. Throughout my experience, I've tailored my work to fit companies small and large, from nonprofits to new media giants.

At The Bee Knee's Creative, I want to help you not only get your message out into the world, but also help grow your business. That's what excellent copy should, and can, do for you.

I edit manuscripts, provide copy writing services, email marketing services, social media plans, and content writing for my clients. I'm also a freelance writer who likes to write about travel, romance, and the writing industry (especially genre romance). 

If you're looking for a writer to fulfill any of these services, let's chat! I'd love to work with you.

A few of my favorite things...